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You’ve Got To Be Kidding, Mr Davies!

You’ve got to be kidding, Mr Davies!

So David Davies is now warning the EU negotiators that “putting politics before prosperity is never a smart choice”.  Doesn’t that just take the biscuit?

If he’d been talking to the Brextremists who howl weekly support for him from the backbenches one could understand it.  But to claim that the government’s approach to the negotiations is somehow pragmatic is simply farcical. Politics in the Tory Party has triumphed over the imperative to create prosperity since David Cameron called the second EU Referendum to try to quieten down the Euroseptic right in his own party.  It triumphed when Theresa May promoted Penny “no UK veto on Turkish entry” Mordaunt to International Development Secretary rather than the vastly more experienced Alastair Burt.  It triumphed when our PM demanded a fixed date for the UK’s departure, so tying our own hands in a negotiation where we are already witnessing the truth of the Remainers’ warnings that the EU was bound to have the upper hand.

The Conservative Party in which many of us grew up took brave decisions to restore the UK’s prosperity after the incompetence of the Wilson/Callaghan era and the profligacy of the later Blair/Brown governments.  We took those decisions at the risk of political unpopularity.  The May administration is consistently putting short-term political gain ahead of not only the country’s prosperity but also its geopolitical imperatives. Thatcher, Major and Cameron were rewarded for their bravery with a total of six election victories.  The current approach has seen the Conservative Party only going backwards.

It is time to ignore the immediate short-term political advantage of appeasing the Brextremists and their supporting tweets from over in Russia and to stand up for the good of the Country.  Brexit is shaping up to be a disaster on every level. Let’s see some Tory MPs following their consciences and starting to oppose it.


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