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Vote Tory, Get Labour

I don’t know if Boris rally said it, but being Boris he may well have done.  You know, that phrase “F**k business.  Even if it was a typical immature throw-away line, Jeremy Hunt popped up to TV yesterday to reinforce the message, albeit marginally more politely, saying that “threats” from business are “inappropriate”.  While the Bozo and slippery Gove may have little real experience of business, Hunt certainly does.  He knows full well that businesses speak out only rarely and when they do it’s in defence of their stakeholders, which is perfectly within their right – indeed, as company directors, it is their legal duty.

To ignore the warnings of business after business that they will have little choice but to move jobs and production out of the UK if we continue along this disastrous Brexit route is wholly irresponsible.

Those outbursts come at the end of a week where our glorious leaderene was apparently questioning whether the UK needs to remain a Tier 1 military power.  Our armed forces are very close to being unable to defend the country from a serious threat and May’s solution is to cut them still further, while pouring money into the NHS; with Hunt promising tax rises to pay for it (since even he knows that there’s a Brexit Black Hole, not a Brexit dividend).

So now, in addition to being anti-Europe, anti-House of Lords, anti-IMF, anti-immigrant, anti-independent judiciary and willing to break up the Union to appease the Brextremists, we now have a government that is anti-defence and anti-business.

To make it worse, the current administration is not only ideologically unsound, they display the practical incompetence of Old Labour too.

We now have what is basically a populist Labour government, or more accurately a strange blend of socialism and populist nationalism.  The SoNas.  Not, historically, a good combination……

Now let’s invite Boris to play “Spot the difference”:

Tory Party 1965-2016 Foot/Benn Labour Party Current Conservative Leadership
 —————– ——————- ——————-
Strong on defence Yes No No
Pro-business Yes No No
Unwilling to surrender N Ireland to the south Yes No No
Supportive of indep. of the House of Lords Yes No No
Pro-EU Yes No No

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