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Tories Against Brexit – join our campaign

With the start of 2018 we have launched our new campaign, Tories Against Brexit, via social media. This is because 2018 is the year in which the big decisions will be taken and with them comes our last chance to stop the disaster of Brexit. Now is the time for all who recognise that Brexit threatens our prosperity, our Union and our place in the world to come together to oppose it.

We set up Citizens 4 Britain last year because we wanted to create a place where anyone who had voted Tory, or who belonged (or had recently belonged) to the Conservative Party, could link to other like-minded, anti-Brexit Tories. Now we are moving to a new phase, when we focus our efforts on getting Conservative MPs and peers to recognise that the “Brexit means Corbyn”. If the Tory Party turns its back, on the millions of people who voted Conservative in recent elections but will not do so again after Brexit, on an entire generation of young people and on its natural supporters in business, finance, science and academia and key public services, the Party cannot win again. Stopping Brexit is the only way to save the country from a hard-left Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn (untrammelled by EU safeguards) and the Conservative Party from disintegration.

We have appointed a Director to co-ordinate the campaign, we are reaching out to members of both Houses of Parliament but we need your support to truly make a difference.

Follow our campaign on our new Facebook page, donate to us (all our funds come from donations and go to pay for our campaigning) and keep checking our web page for further details of our campaigning. In the meantime, if your constituency voted Remain, and your MPs is a Conservative, write to them as soon as you can. Tell them that you want them to use their position to stop a hard Brexit, and to give the British people the chance to decide whether the final deal with the EU is really better than staying in a European Union that Conservative governments did so much to make successful.

Let’s stop Brexit in 2018!

Simon Allison, Chairman, Citizens 4 Britain

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  1. Excellent idea. Its about time that a rallying point for pro-EU Conservatives is established and the message has to be that it IS patriotic to want to remain a EU member. I’m sick to the back teeth of the UKIP takeover of Conservative Home and seeing good people being called ‘traitors’ for being Remainers. I hope that you will also co-operate with other pro-Remain groups even if you differ on other political issues.

  2. Well done!

    I agree with the two comments.

    Please put me on your e-mailing list.

    I don’t do social media.

    Richard Duployen, Oxon..

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