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On 23rd June 2016, that fateful day, around 4 million people who had backed the Conservatives at the 2015 election voted Remain. Others voted Leave on the understanding – as elaborated by such leading Leave campaigners as Boris Johnson – that leaving the EU need not mean leaving the Single Market. Indeed, Boris himself said just three days after the Referendum “there will continue to be free trade and access to the single market” (Daily Telegraph, 26 June 2016).

All of those voters have been betrayed by a political class which seems to believe that personal survival far outweighs their duty to their country.

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02Nov 17

It’s a scandal!

Over the last few weeks, important scientific studies have been made public.  One shows that bacteria are now evolving faster that we can create antibiotics, with the final antibiotic firewall…

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01Oct 17

Speaking out!

We were present on the stage at both the anti-Brexit demonstrations in Manchester today, speaking out for the 3-4 million people who voted Conservative in 2015 and Remain in 2016…

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