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It’s time to take action!

On Saturday 23 June the Tories Against Brexit campaign will be joining the People’s Vote march from Park Lane to Parliament Square in London to demand that the people should have the right to decide whether or not to accept the final Brexit deal.


Brexit has run into the sand.  The quick, clean Brexit  we were promised in 2016, with opportunities to boost our trade, to cut immigration and to free up resources to spend on the NHS, was always an illusion – and now that’s apparent for all to see.  Nearly two years after that infamous referendum we are still struggling to reach agreement with the EU on such basic questions as the border in Ireland.  The government is arguing over two proposals for trade, neither of which work and both of which the EU has said it won’t accept.  The Treasury confirms that everyone in Britain is already worse off as a result of the Brexit vote – and we haven’t even left yet.  The government, the party and the country are more divided than ever and the Tory Party, which should be romping ahead of a Labour Party led by an unpatriotic neo-Communist, barely has any lead at all in the polls.  Brexit is a disaster for Britain and for the Conservative Party too.


The People’s March is a vital part of the overall campaign to stop this disastrous Brexit.  We know that it will not be an easy task when the forces ranged against us are so dishonest and so entrenched.  But we can only succeed if we try.


Come and join us for what will be a rousing and enjoyable occasion.  We will be meeting under our Tories Against Brexit banner near the London Hilton Hotel on Park Lane, from 12 noon on 23 June.  We shall join the march to Parliament Square and listen to the speakers supporting our campaign.

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