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Campaign Update March 2018

It is four months since we launched the Tories Against Brexit campaign so this is a good moment to update our supporters on what has been happening and what will come next.


For those of you who have asked for ideas as to how you can help, we would encourage you to join your local Remain group if you can (whether that is the European Movement, Open Britain, Britain for Europe or Best for Britain).  We liaise with many groups at national level and are keen to encourage everyone to support their local campaign.


The weekend before last some of us went and lobbied the party’s Spring Forum event and we are making plans for Party Conference in the autumn.  We will keep you posted on that and we will certainly offer activities when we are there.


You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter and we encourage you to share our tweets and Facebook posts with your friends and family so that we can quickly increase our reach.


Much of our effort at the moment is devoted to working with and supporting the brave Conservative MPs who have stood up for our country and resisted a hard Brexit.  If you have a Conservative MP, make sure they know your views.  If they are one of the so-called rebels, then please support them in local media to make clear that they are well-supported by Conservatives in their constituency. Please join their Conservative Association if you are not already a member.


We have just published a poll of Conservative voters by Survation (the polling company which called the General Election correctly), the results of which were featured in the Independent and Huffington Post and which show that:

  • Tory voters want another Referendum by 46% to 32%
  • More Conservative voters want to remain in the EU Customs Union than want to leave it
  • When asked if they would be more or less likely to support an MP who put party before country, 10% were more and 60% less likely – a vital message to get across to Remain-supporting MPs that they should country before party.

It is frankly amazing that 30% of Conservative voters still support the Remain cause given the endless propaganda, hostility from the more extreme activist base and a hostile press.  That’s four million of us and we demand to be heard!


After the Easter break, the House of Lord will be voting on a several important amendments to the Withdrawal Bill, the Commons will discuss the question of whether the UK should be in a customs union with the EU after Brexit and the talks about a possible future partnership between the EU and the UK will get under way. We will be working with Conservatives in both Houses to make sure that your views are heard in these debates.


Finally, to the subject of money.  Several supporters have kindly donated and our first round of fundraising was successful. We were able to hire a part-time director and build a presence online.  But there is so much more we could be doing if we could increase our resources.  All donations are invaluable but so are leads that might help us to identify further donors who can support our work.  We are the only group campaigning publicly as Conservatives to stop Brexit and we need every bit of help that can be mustered.  You can donate here if you’d like to.


Thank you for all your support and we will keep you updated on our plans for the future.

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