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Campaign update from the Chairman

Thank you for all your support here on the Citizens 4 Britain website and on Facebook. It’s taken us a little time to get going but we are now ready to make a difference.  We have staff, a website (as you know), a Facebook page and, imminently, a twitter handle.  We are also starting – at long last- to see some real outspokenness from the leading pro-Europeans in Parliament like Dominic Grieve and Anna Soubry.  At present, however, that’s largely in favour of “soft Brexit” rather than stopping Brexit, which is something we aim to change.

So what are our objectives and initial strategy?

Ultimately, our immediate objective is simple – to ensure that there are enough Conservative MPs vote to stop Brexit or at least hand back to the voters the final choice of direction for Britain. We need to persuade Remainers, but also remind soft-leavers that, in practice, “Brexit means Corbyn”.  In the longer term we have to “Take Back Control” of our party from Putin’s Poodles, the UKIP infiltrators who have wormed their way in to positions of power, despite having little in common with the aims of our party for most of the last 50 years.

We need to let the 3-4 million people who voted Tory in 2015 and Remain in 2016 know that they are not abandoned. We need to make the centre-right case for staying in the EU, both in economic and in geopolitical terms; and we need to build a base of supporters who can assist in a campaign of social media and letter-writing aimed at MPs, the leading journalists and swing voters.

It’s a big task but it has to start somewhere. And we don’t have a lot of time.

In concrete terms, we’d like to ask for a couple of actions from all of you:

  • Sign up on our website, follow us on Facebook and look out for us on twitter
  • If you have a Tory MP in your constituency, make sure they know how you feel about Brexit and why it is important for our country and party that they do everything in their power to stop it
  • Make a donation, however small, towards our campaign. We could do so much more with your support. It’s always painful to part with money, we know, but don’t forget that Brexit isn’t happening to somebody else – it’s happening to you and your family and it may be for ever if we don’t get our act together.

Over the last few months the atmosphere in Britain has changed. People are beginning to realise the damage Brexit will do to this country. Our economy, our Union, our place in the world are all at risk. The right thing to do, the patriotic thing, is to stop this nonsense. Help us to make it happen.


Simon Allison


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  1. It’s as curious why so many Conservatives are so hostile, I can only think that there’s an element of wanting to avenge Margaret Thatcher as well as strip out many of the social protections. Anyhow, to secure a second referendum and secure victory it will need a different deal, something around immigration. Otherwise it will likely fail.

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